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2011 Oscars: Reactions

The irony that permeates the night after the 83rd Academy Awards marked the official end of the 2010 movie season is the way that Anne Hathaway and James Franco, the two young, hip movie stars tapped to host the show and inject some youth and excitement into the proceedings, had to preside over The King’s Speech winning every major award. Many of us talk and threaten and bluster over boycotting the Oscars when things like this happen, when Crash defeated Brokeback Mountain or Shakespeare in Love won over Saving Private Ryan, but I feel betrayed this year in a way that I haven’t felt in the past.

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2011 Oscars: Nomination Announcement Reactions

Award shows are an odd duck by their very nature. The average man, the layperson, doesn’t get anything tangible out of them other than a somewhat twisted sense of pride, the notion that we were ‘right’ for liking a certain film, television show, play, piece of music, etc., and finding commiseration with the opinions of others. We may not have some fancy degree or have spent X years in school studying movies, but dammit, we knew Million Dollar Baby was the best movie released in 2004 (note: it wasn’t), and feel vindicated that the Academy (with a big A, of course) agreed in our assessment. It’s a confirmation of taste. Comfort comes from the knowledge of a job well done.

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