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Chance Encounter: Part Two

It’s amazing how quickly time can pass when you look back at things. One day, you give in to the impulse of talking to an alluring stranger at a train station, and the next thing you know you’ve got a ring box in your jacket pocket as you begin the most important night of your life. You’re not going for some grand gesture or choreographed moment; you have learned over the whirlwind that has been your thirteen month romance that she not only wouldn’t require such a grandstanding and overt storybook moment, but that the whole thing just wouldn’t be her style. It was tough to suppress such instincts, as a lifetime of movies have painted such a moment as a societal standard: the bigger the better. But she wasn’t about standards, societal or otherwise. That’s what you love about her. Who cares what society thinks, what culture expects of you? You don’t, and she doesn’t. She’s too fiercely independent to find herself pliant to the whims of others, let alone some disembodied gestalt entity that is modern manners.

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Chance Encounter

It begins simply enough. Lonely strangers standing at the crossroads of life. A shy acknowledgement of shared fate, standing in an airport terminal, a train station, a bus depot. It could be any number of features tat sends you down the path. A furtive glance and a wry smile. That realization that you're both just a bit taller than expected of your genders. That cascade of jet black hair that falls just perfectly around her shoulders. The way he holds his briefcase just so. The way she clutches her purse with a ringless hand. And, of course, for the baser among us, the well toned ass, the full breast, both dressed to show off their innate genetic strengths. The symmetry of man and woman, together in this one moment, together in the knowledge that, at least for now, there just might be another person in this world with which you just might be able to to spend your life. Or a few years. Or even just one night. It's the connection that matters. The connection that makes us just a little more than simply animal, even if the purity of it all, the purity of physical attraction is undeniably animal. A connection. It's what we all want. That spark that makes us feel alive.

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