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The Dresden Dolls Reunion at the Wilbur Theater: Night Two

It’s 6:12 pm and I’m once again standing outside the Wilbur Theatre, cold and alone in a line of like-minded people, slightly further away from the entrance compared to Tuesday. It’s funny watching the types of people that are attracted to go to a show for a band like the Dresden Dolls.Most of these folks are probably pretty similar personality-wise; it takes a certain something to be in tune with Brechtian punk cabaret, after all. What’s intriguing is the way we choose to dress and act, ranging widely from full on gothed out leather and makeup to a suit and tie coming straight from work, as well as basically the combination of the two, which is me (I’m wearing a black dress shirt and black pants with a blood red and black tie, black leather trenchcoat and black pork pie hat). I see it all in the line. It reminds me of singing along to Tuesday night’s set alongside 15 year old high school students and 40+ year old working professionals. Music does that to the world. It brings us together and unites us, regardless of backgrounds, personal bias, prejudice. Sometimes you just let it all wash away and enjoy the moment.

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The Dresden Dolls Reunion at the Wilbur Theater: Night One

It’s about ten after six on a cold night in Boston. I’m leaning against a wall on Tremont Street directly underneath the billboard outside the Wilbur Theatre. Every now and then, the billboard flips to a close-up of the faces of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione in full make-up, with a simple tag line: THE DRESDEN DOLLS. TONIGHT.

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