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The Machine of Dreams Circa 1999

This is it, folks. This is the story that made me a writer. It began as an innocuous English project in tenth grade of high school. I loved the hell out of writing it, and it even won a creative writing award. It holds up better than I expected, and it wasn't complete torture reading it again for the first time in about seven or eight years. I present to you the Machine of Dreams. And yes, I'm embarrassed by the jokes I stole from other media. I was young. It happens.

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The Machine of Dreams: The Parents

I've been writing this thing in sections. I'm realizing now that I'm not exactly sure how the sections are going to fit together, and in what order, but it's more important at this moment for me to get this written in some (even disjointed) fashion, so that's what I'm doing. What follows is a section about Joe's parents. I'm currently working on passages about his siblings (I hand write everything I do first, and give it a quick revision in the typing process. That's my method), and I hope for that to be up shortly.

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The Machine of Dreams: Beginnings

Back in my Sophomore year of High School, I wrote a silly little short story called "The Machine of Dreams." It was designed to be a thinly veiled satirical piece that would further my attempts at writing humor. It won a minor award, and was generally enjoyed by those that read it. Looking back at it now, it's a terrible piece of prose. I was young and just starting an amateur career in writing, and it certainly was the work of a very unpolished writer. Still, I liked writing it, and I really think the core concept of the story was more than solid. So I'm revisiting it now, and seeing what I can do with it close to nine years later (has it really been nine years? Yikes). And I've decided to revisit this blog to put up the progress of it, in a vain attempt to actually finish something I started. And so, without further ado, here's a quick opening prologue (that'll probably be made longer at a later date)

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